About Us

In this very difficult housing environment, real estate professionals need to do all they can to differentiate their properties. Our professional photography services will help you set your homes apart from others in the neighborhood, win listing presentations, receive more showings, give your listings a higher perceived value than the other homes in the neighborhood and ultimately help bring about the final sale of the home.

A recent survey found that when professional photography was used on a real estate listing the perceived value went up almost 13% and was THREE times more likely to sell!

Another survey by a Realtor’s association found that when it comes to web features that buyers consider “very useful”, 83% cited pictures! With close to 90% of perspective home buyers starting their search online it’s crucial to market your listings online and to market them with the best possible photos.

At Charleston Real Estate Media, we offer more than professional photos. We offer professional photos taken with ultra-wide angle, high-definition, HDR equipment. Our ultra-wide angle technology captures more than six times more of a room than the standard digital camera that most Realtors use. This ultra-wide angle technology even captures three times more of the room than the standard professional grade SLR camera that our competitors use and can cost thousands of dollars! Combine that with our high-definition HDR technology and you’ll receive the absolute best photos that today’s technology can produce. For more info on how HDR technology works, click on HDR Photography under our services tab above.

Profession HDR Photography

Sell your listings faster and for top dollar by showing your properties in their best light possible.

Compelling & Captivating Videography

Bring your listing to life and allow buyers to emotionally connect through a cinematic preview of your property.

Breathtaking Aerial Views

Aerial artistry allows us to capture your property from a bird's-eye view commanding more attention from viewers online.