When will I get my invoice?

If this is your first order with us we’ll send an invoice before the shoot is done and payment will be required before we can deliver the images.

After your first order, invoices are sent via email once a week. We typically send invoices on the Friday following a shoot. Friday shoots are typically invoiced that same day once the shoot is complete. There are rare occasions when invoices are delayed a business day or two but we do our best to get them out each Friday.

When is my invoice due?

Invoices are due upon receipt.

How can I pay my invoice?

We have several ways to pay:

– The easiest method to pay is by storing your credit card information with us. Whenever we send an invoice all you’ll need to do is reply with approval to run your card and we’ll handle the rest. If you’d like to store you credit card just call the office and Mandie, our office manager, will take care of you. 843-608-1426.

– You can pay online via credit card at www.CharlestonREM.com/payment

– You can mail a check to the address on your invoice.

Can I pay you on site if I attend the photo shoot?

Sorry, our photographers on site cannot accept payments.

How does image delivery work?

Photos are typically delivered to you within two business days of the photo shoot pending the home doesn’t need extensive editing. We deliver two sets of images for each shoot. One set is labeled “Web” and one is labeled “High Res”. The web images are smaller and perfect for MLS use, social media, and most websites in general. The high res images are larger and great for print use such as postcards, fliers, etc. We utilize a file sharing system called Box.com to share our photos. You’ll receive an email from Box.com once your photos are ready. Downloading the images from Box is fairly simple but if you have any questions please refer to this three-minute video we created on how to download images from Box: https://vimeo.com/183548175

It’s been two business days since my shoot. Where are my photos?

Check your spam and trash folders to ensure your email provider didn’t label the emails as spam. If you still don’t see them, email our office at Info@CharlestonREM.com.

How do I place an order?

To place an order with us, we ask that you utilize our online ordering system rather than calling or emailing us your order. Our online ordering system was developed to cut down ordering errors and helps to ensure that the information entered is accurate. Once the order is placed we’ll receive the order request and you’ll also receive a copy of the order request so you have a record of the request as well. Orders can be placed by visiting this link: www.CharlestonREM.com/order. You can also find this page by clicking on “Pricing” from the main menu bar and selecting “Order Now!”.

How do you handle scheduling?

We typically schedule photo shoots in time windows (like the cable company). We have a morning (8am-Noon) window and an afternoon (Noon-5pm) window. If the home is vacant on lockbox then we also have an anytime (8am-5pm) window. For the fastest service, select an anytime appointment if you can. That allows us to fit you into our schedule as the next available appointment. We can offer a more narrowed down window or even a set time appointment if the situation calls for that (high tide shoot, someone meeting us at the property, working around a homeowner’s schedule, etc) but we may have to book the appointment out further so that we can build our schedule around that particular shoot. If you need a narrowed down time window or a set time appointment, please place your order a week or more in advance so we can accommodate.

How do you handle cancellations?

Please notify us by 4pm on the business day prior to the photography session with all cancellations or appointment time changes. This allows us to schedule the assigned photographer for another session that day so that they do not experience any loss of income. Any cancelled sessions or appointment time changes that are not handled by 4pm on the business day prior to the appointment will be assessed a “Not Ready Fee” in the amount of $55.00. Also included in the “Not Ready Fee” are the following: lockbox malfunctions that hinder the photographer from gaining entry, home seller or tenant refusing the appointment upon arrival, homes that aren’t photo ready, threatening dog on premises, etc. For more information on the “Not Ready Fee” please visit this link: www.CharlestonREM.com/nrf

Other Questions?

We have several short minute long videos on our “Agent Resources” page that go through a variety of topics such as:

What if it’s raining on the day of my shoot?
Should I hire you for my smaller listings?
What is your hybrid video upgrade?
What is real estate video?
How to enter your links in the MLS.
and many more.

We encourage you to check those out if you have questions about any of those topics. You can access our “Agent Resources” page by visiting this link: www.CharlestonREM.com/agent-resources

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office manager, Mandie, via email at Info@CharlestonREM.com or via phone at 843-608-1426.

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