Price Change

We’re working hard to remain your #1 source for professional real estate photography and virtual tours. We appreciate your business, and will always find ways to provide you with a service that consistently exceeds your expectations while maintaining a price that simply can’t be beat.

Our main goal at Phil Shepard Real Estate Photography is to help you sell your properties faster and for top dollar. As part of that effort, we’re continually improving our equipment, our systems, our software, and our techniques. We’ve reviewed our pricing structure in relation to our past and forthcoming improvements and have discovered that a price increase is necessary in order to continue innovating and improving our service. We’ve managed to maintain our very aggressive pricing structure for two years but we refuse to compromise on improvements that are currently needed and we’re sure you can appreciate that. We can assure you that our new pricing structure will still keep us well below national averages for our industry.

Our new pricing structure will go into effect immediately on all new clients but our current clients will enjoy their current pricing structure until September 15th, 2013. You’ll notice the new pricing outlined on our website and our order form but rest assured that if you are a previous client, you’ll still pay your normal amount until September 15th, 2013. Please accept this pricing deferment as our thanks to you for your continued support.

What improvements have been made recently?

– Photography equipment upgraded in July 2013.
– Computer upgrades are in process. We handle 2-4 gigs of photos per day which creates a great deal of wear and tear on our computers and backup hard drives.
– We are now including full resolution images in addition to web sized images. These full resolution images will yield better print results.
– We are now accepting credit card payments with no fees to the client whereas the client was paying a fee to use credit.
– Photography system changed from normal single shot photography to seven shot HDR photography.
– Changes to photography system required additional equipment purchases.
– Changes to photography system resulted in longer shoot times and longer image processing times.
– Photographers all received pay increase recently.
– Office manager received an increase in weekly hours as well as an increase to hourly wage due to increasing demand of our service.
– Many other changes have taken place recently and many more are in the works. The changes above just reflect some of the more noticeable changes.

Profession HDR Photography

Sell your listings faster and for top dollar by showing your properties in their best light possible.

Compelling & Captivating Videography

Bring your listing to life and allow buyers to emotionally connect through a cinematic preview of your property.

Breathtaking Aerial Views

Aerial artistry allows us to capture your property from a bird's-eye view commanding more attention from viewers online.