Tour Upload

Where do I enter my tours link on the MLS?

We deliver different sets of tour links depending on what products you order from us.

All Products:

When you order a slideshow of images or property video from us you will receive two links. One link will be for MLS use and one link will NOT be for MLS use. The MLS link will link back to our website. For instance, if you ordered a slideshow or video for a property called 101 Main Street the MLS tour link will look something like this: You’ll put this website link in the “Virtual Tour Links” section of the MLS. The other link we will provide will direct back to, our video hosting site. The MLS does not allow Vimeo links which is why we have to provide a link. You can use the Vimeo link anywhere you’d like from social media to your own personal website. You are welcome to use the link instead of the Vimeo link if you’d like to.

Property Video:

When you order a video from us you will receive the two links listed above but you will also receive a video embed code for the MLS. The video embed code will look something like this:

Copy the code beginning with the “<" sign and ending with the ">” sign and paste it into the “HTML Code” blank of the video upload section on the MLS. When you add the video embed code you should be able to view the video by clicking on “Video” or “Virtual Tour” from the upper right of your MLS listing. Clicking on “Video” should immediately pull up the video and all you’ll need to do is hit the play button. Clicking on “Virtual Tour” should pull up the link that anyone can click on to be taken to the video hosted on our website.

See the photo below for the MLS documentation on where to enter your tour link and video embed code (if you have one).

Where can I find my tour on the MLS?

All of our products come with a virtual tour link. Clicking on the virtual tour tab on the MLS listing will take you to the virtual tour. If you purchased a video then you’ll also receive a video tour link which will appear under the video tab of the MLS listing. See the photo below for where the virtual tour and video tabs are located on the MLS listing.

What is Vimeo and why don’t you use Youtube?

Vimeo is essentially a more professional version of Youtube. We don’t use Youtube because it’s a free product that is supported by ads which means that people viewing our videos on Youtube could potentially be served with intrusive ads. Youtube also lists other random videos as viewing suggestions for when users are finished viewing the video they are watching. These random videos could contain questionable material that non internet-savvy users may think we are supporting or producing. In an effort to bypass these issues we’ve opted to use a more professional solution that is not free so that our viewers don’t have to see ads or other video suggestions that may have questionable content.

The MLS does not allow branded links so why are you providing me with a link?

The MLS rules on branding apply to agents, not service providers. We’ve confirmed with several people at CTAR including the director of the MLS that our links are allowed. The MLS does not allow Vimeo or any other video hosting links such as Youtube so we have to use our website to host all the tours to make them MLS compliant.

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