Charleston Airspace. Capture every minute.

Our company is one of the few in Charleston that holds a license with the FAA to commercially operate drones.

Zoomed Out Exteriors

As you probably already know, the exterior photo of a home is normally the most viewed image. The MLS, and many websites that syndicate from the MLS, only feature the exterior photo and it’s up to the prospective buyer to click that photo to see additional photos. You only have a split second to entice the prospective buyer enough with the exterior photo before they move on to look at one of the other properties that their search turned up.

Erick Bickel
Bird's Eye View

That’s where our aerial photography service comes in. Our aerial photos set your main exterior photo apart from the other listings you are competing with. It grabs the attention of the prospective buyer and entices them to click the image to see more photos. More views online means more showings in person which in the end translates to a home sold quickly and for top dollar. As of late 2016, the FAA now requires commercial drone operators to be licensed.