Terms & Conditions

Here are our terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Exclusive License Agreement:  By submitting and successful payment of your order comes an Exclusive License Agreement between Charleston Real Estate Media and payor. This Exclusive License Agreement will fully comply with CTMLS “Copyrighted Material Rights”  View full Exclusive License Agreement HERE

2. Payment: Payment is due upon invoice receipt and can be made via check in the mail, credit card payment through our website, or credit card payment over the phone. We also have the option of storing credit card information on our secure payment gateway so that you can simply authorize us to charge your invoice amount without having to call in or key in your payment details each time. Since payments are due upon invoice receipt, we cannot accept payments made at closing or any similar means.
PLEASE NOTE: Our photographers are not authorized to take payments on site. This is both for their protection and for your protection. All checks must be mailed and all credit card payments must be made with one of our office staff or via our website.

3. Commercial Use: Our photos are meant solely for the purpose of advertising one property for sale for up to twelve months. We deem use outside of this purpose as “Commercial Use”. Examples of commercial use include: (a) Builder having a model home photographed with the intention of using those photos to market more than one home for sale (b) Property being photographed for rental use where the photos will be used on a continual basis to rent a property more than once i.e. using rental photos every year when the home goes up for rent again or using photos to continually promote a vacation rental. These are just two examples but it gives our clients an idea of what we consider “Normal Use” and “Commercial Use”. We do allow for “Commercial Use” but we first must be notified and a commercial rate must be applied to the shoot. Our commercial rate fee is a 50% surcharge on all photography related products. Videography related products are not subject to this 50% surcharge. By submitting your order you verify that these photos will be used for “Normal Use” unless you otherwise specified in the order form and have agreed to pay the commercial rate.

4. Image Delivery: Photos are guaranteed to be delivered to you within two business days of the photo shoot (pending the home doesn’t need extensive “Photoshop” work) but we aim to deliver photos the next day after your shoot. We utilize a file sharing system called Box.com to share our photos. For help with downloading and viewing images on Box.com, see our 5 minute tutorial video here.

5. Image Size: Our photos are delivered in two formats: Web format (for MLS and other website use) and High Resolution format (for use on print marketing materials and websites that will allow for the larger photos). Our photos can be printed up to 5.5 inches on the longest edge which should suffice for 99% of all marketing use cases. Should you need photos to be printed out larger than 5.5 inches on the longest edge (canvas print to hang in an office, etc) we’ll need to know in advance. These larger shots will typically require a re-shoot and a re-shoot fee as there are many factors that come into play when doing a large format print. As outlined in section 2, the “Normal Use” of our photos is for marketing a property for sale and the use of a large print photo usually falls outside of “Normal Use”.

6. Cancellations & Delays: Please notify us by 4pm on the business day prior to the photography session with all cancellations or appointment time changes. This allows us to schedule the assigned photographer for another session that day so that they do not experience any loss of income. Any cancelled sessions or appointment time changes that are not handled by 4pm on the business day prior to the appointment will be assessed a “Not Ready Fee” in the amount of $55.00. The “Not Ready Fee” will also be assessed on cancellations or delays due to (but not limited to): lockbox malfunctions that hinder the photographer from gaining entry, home seller or tenant refusing the appointment upon arrival, homes that aren’t photo ready, threatening dog on premises, etc. Our photographers will remain on site for up to 10 minutes in the event of a delay. Anything beyond a 10 minute delay will be at the discretion of the photographer and may be subject to the “Not Ready Fee” to compensate our team for time lost due to the delay.

7. Weather: Our team is equipped to photograph in light rain or cloudy skies as our photo processor can replace cloudy skies with blue skies in post processing. If the photographer deems that the weather is too poor to photograph in then we reserve the right to reschedule the appointment. If you are personally concerned about weather then you are free to notify us the day before so that we can reschedule.

8: High Tide: If an appointment needs to be set around high tide then we must be notified of the high tide times for the dates you selected in your order.

9. Photo Ready: Our photographers will see to small items like turning on all light fixtures and moving small items at their discretion. However, our photographers are not professional stagers and therefore are not obligated to assist in staging aspects that include (but are not limited to): moving furniture, cleaning, handling objects like dirty dishes and/or dirty laundry, etc. The photographer can choose to help out of their own discretion but delays as outlined in section 5 may call for additional fees. To help ensure that your home or your client’s home is photo ready, please review this checklist: http://charlestonrem.com/checklist/

10. Pets: We ask that all pets be kenneled or blocked off if a responsible party is not available to properly tend to the animal(s). We will make all attempts to prevent animals from escaping, however, we are not responsible if your pet slips through the door if this request is not followed.

11. Trip Fees: A $30 trip fee will incur on properties 30-50 miles from our office in Goose Creek. Anything beyond 50 miles from our office will be billed at a custom rate that will be agreed upon prior to the photography session.

By submitting your order, you agree to all of these terms and conditions.

Last updated March 9th, 2018.